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An Insight Into Generation Z


By Alex Taylor

Instant coffee, instant noodles, 60 second rice, ready-made cake mix, one-stop grocery stores, instant likes, instant shares.

We have been groomed into instant gratification as a result of the growing needs and dynamic interests of this new budding generation.

In an age where the end is sometimes more important than the means, we often grossly under-appreciate the value of patience, grind and hard work. For the new generation, today is not today, today has now become tomorrow.

We are witnessing, living and breathing a psychological dichotomy of behaviour that represents how one generation conceives thought versus how another was fed.

We speak of a generation affectionately called “Gen Z.” Pew Research classifies Generation Z as anyone born between mid 90’s (1997) and mid 2000’s (2007).

These are the brand influencers, the globally, technologically and environmentally savvy people of the present. They are the most educated and sophisticated group of people around.

Our new generation, however, has been raised on spoon feeding and breast milk to the extent where it is difficult for us to know what to do without it.  We are very much used to things handed to us; sometimes we know no other way of attaining success.

When we fail, we take it hard. Our confidence is dented easily, fuelled by our insecurities which were often implanted in us by our parents. The age of Z knows not how to handle failure because more often than not, we did not think beyond plan A.

We often times lack foresight, linear and perspicacious thinking. In the day of instant gratification, hard work and patience as an antecedent of success is nearly a myth told to children around a camp fire.

Despite all this, 

Generation Z has developed a bone for curiosity. They are more adventurous, peaceful and health conscious. They grew up seeing war, politics and corruption plague the media and have since developed an insipidness and indifference towards those particular topics.

Being told what to do, and how to do it is not the way of the youth. Earning gratification from being able to figure it out for oneself means the world to the new gen.

They ask less questions, and fail more often. As much as this seems like a draw back, for some, it can be a major advantage.

Gen Z has learnt the most from the past generation, and is presented with the opportunity to rise from the age of economic recession to become budding entrepreneurs, creators, speakers, marketers, doctors and more.

Fearless; That’s how you would describe this generation. Experience and authority doesn’t phase them. They are more likely to try things on their own, whether they have a clue on the topic at all. Which can be good and bad at the same time.

The child born in this age is less likely to be patient, and more likely to challenge the status quo, fight for equality and stick their head out regardless of the risk.

To the Gen Z, patience is not a virtue, it’s a liability.

However, the inquisitive, quick-witted new born generation will out do its predecessors by far. Businesses will thrive on constantly being challenged to innovate, as the needs of the Gen Z consumer change rapidly.

This generation will save the planet from the very parents that aided in its destruction. Entrepreneurs will rise and push new revenue into the economy, as less and less Gen Z want to work a regular 9 – 5. Creatives will reengineer and transform marketing into a comprehensive and meaningful endeavour for brands.

To have a Gen Z staff, is to have a company that is forward thinking and innovative.

This optimistic young adult was born in the era of economic depression and terrorism, and have thus grown up seeing political and religious warfare. They are the cultural changers and unifiers of society today, as they are sold on spreading diversity and inclusion of everyone from all walks of life.

Regardless of their luggage, they will be the ones to change the trajectory of doom for plant earth, drive innovation in all aspects of life, and define the new age of society.


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